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Widget Twitter not found. Root element is missing

I don’t know when the issue started, but today I noticed the Widget Twitter in BlogEngine 2.0 has stopped working.

Instead of displaying the latest tweets, it shows the error “Widget Twitter not found. Root element is missing” as you can see in the image below.

widget twitter not found


The error looks a bit weird because I haven’t done any modification lately in my blog that could crash it, in addition if you do a quick research online you will see I’m not the only one suffering the issue. It is like all twitter widgets going mad at the same time.

Fortunately it has a very easy solution, the problem is related to the data feed used to display the latest tweets. So to fix it you only need to go to your folder App_Data, delete the file “twitter_feeds.xml” and force the refresh of your site. Once it loads again it will work as normally.

I hope it helps.

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