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What is a MACH?

People who follows me on twitter have probably seen this week that we are hiring a MACH Developer Evangelist for my team, which basically is a truly passionate about software development.

But being honest, anyone knows what a MACH is? Yes, I really mean MACH this is not a Mac with a typo. If I have to evaluate it based on the amounts of questions you have sent me, the answer is no. So, I realize I made the mistake of thinking everybody know what it is.

The MACH acronym stands for Microsoft Academy for College Hires and it is an accelerated career development program, designed to recruit and hire people who have between 18 and 24 months of experience from around the world that stand up because of their potential and top performance. They are intended to be the new leaders and key people inside Microsoft.

The main goals of the program are:

  • Hire among the top universities of the world in each country the students with the higher potential and talent.
  • Provide them with a top-class on boarding program to accelerate the ramp-up time in Microsoft.
  • Retain talented students and enable leadership-potential employees to excel in their careers at Microsoft.
  • Provide them community-building and networking opportunities.

After reading this you might erroneously think this is just an internship, but a MACH is a full time employee and has all the standard Microsoft employee benefits.

From the very beginning, if you are hired as a MACH you will work in a challenging real role, what it makes it different from a standard hiring is that:

  • The MACH position combines top-class training with the standard job tasks you were hired for.
  • During the first year you will have a structured training program.
  • During the second year you will continue with your accelerated career development.
  • You will have a mentor selected among experienced Microsoft managers.
  • You will participate in international trainings with other graduates in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
  • You will have global networking opportunities with other MACH hires outside EMEA

I guess you are already asking how you can become a MACH, the good news is that Microsoft continues betting on talented young people and we have several open positions around the World, as an example I show you the ones open in Spain:

Reached this point I can only say I wish you very good luck during the selection process. If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask.

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