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User Group Support Services

I have recently started to volunteer as UGSS Regional Lead for EMEA.

For those who know UGSS and the RL, you will know that this is a position covered by Microsoft personnel, my case is a bit different because I agreed to volunteer during this FY to help out Sanjay Shetty who is the official responsible for EMEA and APAC.

If you do not know the UGSS I highly suggest you visit, where you will be able to find more information about what UGSS does for the community.

As our manager Graham Jones already mentioned in this post, the role of a regional lead is to help user group leaders to be as successful as possible independently to which organization, if any, their user groups belong. So, if you have any question or suggestion we all will be extremely glad to help you.

In this short period as RL, I have had the possibility to be amazed for the huge amount of projects, initiatives my colleagues are involved.

I’m still landing but I’m pretty sure the community will be also amazed about the good things that are coming out of the work the UGSS does.