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TFS CTP March 2007

I’ve just seen that Microsoft has released the new CTP for Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas”.

The CTP brings lot of new things I want to stand up some of my favorite new TFS features.

  • Get latest version on Checkout. Now the get latest version is not done automatically when you checkout, this can create conflicts and forces you to use the merge tool, that I must admit it is great but I still being a bit mind closed to work with multiple checkouts on certain file types. So I’m quite happy that now I will be able to configure it.
  • Annotate: This option is now part of the Power Toys and allows you to see line-by-line who performed the last code change. Very useful to find easily the guilties ;)
  • Continuous Integration, this is in my opinion the greatest one. I know there are multiple solutions to do it now, but I couldn’t imagine a new version of TFS without native support for this feature. It was requested by too many users.

I started downloading the CTP, I’m very curious to start playing with the rest of stuff.