Analyze hard drive space

Just a quick post to remind some tools that allow you to analyze how is distributed the hard drive space. From time to time you probably run out of space in your hard drive and you need to delete unused data. One option is to browse through the Windows Explorer and check one by one […]

Widget Twitter not found. Root element is missing

I don’t know when the issue started, but today I noticed the Widget Twitter in BlogEngine 2.0 has stopped working. Instead of displaying the latest tweets, it shows the error “Widget Twitter not found. Root element is missing” as you can see in the image below.   The error looks a bit weird because I […]

Install Windows 7 from USB

Nowadays we can see how CDs and DVDs become more irrelevant in Laptops and Netbooks, lot of them do not incorporate the units to be lighter. To be honest I like the idea, I can’t remember when was the last time I burned a DVD. The problem with it is that sometimes makes it harder […]

TF Command Tips

When you work with TFS there are certain situations that will happen first or later like somebody going on holidays without doing checkin, a project that was created wrong, etc. those situations require you might need delete a project, delete a workspace, undo other changes…most of them can be accomplished using TF.exe. That’s the reason […]

Embedding Images in E-Mails

Two months ago I attended to a private session at the Remix 07 where we had the opportunity to talk with some of the speakers of the event. At a certain point one of the attendees asked to Arturo Toledo why Outlook Express was blocking images sent with html formatted mails and what was Microsoft […]