People who knows me also knows that I’m a big fan of static analysis tools. Thanks to Patrick Smacchia I had the chance to test NDepend, probably the most complete tool for static code analysis. It is not worthy to enumerate all the features the tool offers, because the documentation and the web site already […]

Static Code Analysis

These days I’ve been updating the CA settings on some old projects, I wanted to modify the configuration of certain rules that were removed with the shipping of Visual Studio 2008. You can obtain detailed information about what rules are shipped with each version of CA in this post of the FxCop blog. As you […]

Xml Documentation Comments – Exceptions II

People who has been working with me knows that I’m a big fan of FxCop (or Code Analysis), I think static code analysis tools are very useful and a must-have in any development team, since ensure developers follow the company’s guidelines and  write correct code (at least it helps a lot). In addition, I see […]

Xml Documentation Comments – Exceptions I

Long time ago my team was investigating about a new beta technology called .NET, we needed to compare it against Java and decide what would be our new development platform (I guess it’s clear which one we successfully decided to use). One of the things I liked about Java were Checked Exceptions, I thought it […]