Why I use IE8

Let’s be clear I like Internet Explorer. I use IE8 and I have to hear jokes and all kind of comments because of it. Before I joined Microsoft I was arguing for a while until get tired of the conversation, moment where I ended always with a “yeah … it is”. Things like “but IE […]

Signing with Certificates

Recently, I recorded a Spanish video about how to encrypt/sign information using certificates and I thought it would be nice to write also a post about it. The thing is that when I tried to post it I received an alert about having a post with the same title, I already wrote the post Encrypting […]

Licensing Applications with .NET

.NET has a feature from the version 1.0 that allows licensing the components you build. This licensing model can be used in the same way for Windows and ASP.NET server controls and can be easily extended. The way in which it works is so simple, you only need to follow these steps: Apply the attribute […]

Google Safe Browsing API with Internet explorer

These days lot of bloggers have been writing about the new API of Google: Google Safe Browsing API. The Safe Browsing API is an experimental API that enables client applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated blacklists of suspected phishing and malware pages. I think this is a cool API and if you want […]

Using the CryptoStream class

One of the main problems people faces when they try to encrypt / decrypt with .NET classes is that, after decrypt, the resulting string contains unexpected chars or “garbage” at the end. Normally, you will think that there is a problem with the padding used by the algorithm. But even if it’s related, the problem […]