Docking as Windows 7 in Vista and XP using Windows Hooks

I was one of those lucky guys who got the Windows 7 virtual machine at the PDC for the first time and I already liked. When the new beta was released I decided to install it on my old laptop and I love it, I really mean it. I think it’s great, there are a […]

Hook Keyboard and Mouse

In the forums of Baleares on .NET (Spanish) a member asked a general question about hooking functions, avoiding the easy joke about what hooking functions are, we could define them basically as a technique which allows putting your own code between the caller and the destination. One of the easiest and common hooks is the […]

Registry Handling

These days I’ve been bothered by a virus that decided to live on my laptop. I’m not going to explain how it arrived there, because I get really mad, I’m just going to give a common sense suggestion: never, never let your laptop to other people, doesn’t matter how friends you are …. In any […]