Static Code Analysis

These days I’ve been updating the CA settings on some old projects, I wanted to modify the configuration of certain rules that were removed with the shipping of Visual Studio 2008. You can obtain detailed information about what rules are shipped with each version of CA in this post of the FxCop blog. As you […]

Singleton Pattern

Yesterday I was viewing a video (Spanish) that explains about how to implement the Singleton pattern in .NET. After some implementations the video ends up showing the best way to have a thread safe implementation of the singleton pattern. The problem is the video ends saying that the next two implementations are exactly the same […]

Docking as Windows 7 in Vista and XP using Windows Hooks

I was one of those lucky guys who got the Windows 7 virtual machine at the PDC for the first time and I already liked. When the new beta was released I decided to install it on my old laptop and I love it, I really mean it. I think it’s great, there are a […]

Post Event: Descubriendo el CLR

On Tuesday I did an online webcast about the CLR. I hope the people who joined us enjoyed the event and found the contents interesting. The event was recorded and you can download it from the Microsoft Events website (Spanish). During the presentation I did a demo in which I was showing how we can […]

Static Fields

“Types may declare locations that are associated with the type rather than any particular value of the type. Such locations are static fields of the type. As such, static fields declare a location that is shared by all values of the type. Just like non-static (instance) fields, a static field is typed and that type […]