Do you want a motivated person? Then, do not demotivate him

As a manager and mentor there is always a point when someone asks you what do you do to motivate your team. That’s a great question and it is something that you should be asking yourself from time to time. However, the answer is something that I’ve been changing quite often during my career. If […]

Common Reasons Managers Fail

I’ve been working 14 years in the IT industry, before that I’ve worked in all kind of temporary jobs while I was studying, summing up a total of 19 years working with and for managers from diverse industries and countries. The last 7 years of my career I’ve been a people manager myself. I’ve had […]

What is a MACH?

People who follows me on twitter have probably seen this week that we are hiring a MACH Developer Evangelist for my team, which basically is a truly passionate about software development. But being honest, anyone knows what a MACH is? Yes, I really mean MACH this is not a Mac with a typo. If I […]

Job Interviews

Today I had an unexpected situation while I was interviewing a candidate for a developer role. We normally start our interviews letting the candidate writing some simple code, in this case, the code was as simple as a method to reverse a string, something that whoever can write almost without thinking. But today the candidate, after the […]