.NET Conference 2016 Spain

  The past 24th of February my team and I organized  the .NET Conference 2016 Spain. With 1.700 attendees in-person and more than 5.400 on live streaming it is the largest event organized by Microsoft Spain and one of the largest .NET Conference in the world. So, as you can imagine we are very proud […]

Presenting at large events such as TechEd

INETA APAC is organizing a series of best practices webcasts of interest to the community. The webcasts apply to all members of the community, leaders, user group members and MVP’s, who might not yet be at the stage where they speak at large events. The topic would be of interest to all, and would help […]

PDC and TechEd 2008 Hangover

These last weeks have been quite frenetic for me. I’ve moved to a new house and before notice I was sleeping in a different house I woke up in a plane going to LA for the PDC, 3 days after I was back from the PDC I went to Amsterdam for the quarterly meetings of […]

Post Event: Re-descubriendo LINQ

23rd, October I did a session about LINQ for the .NET User Group  Madriddotnet. Re Descubriendo A Linq View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: linq) During the event we tried to know more in deep how LINQ works, from C-Omega to LINQ to SQL, doing an attempt to solve many of the questions […]

Post Event: Descubriendo el CLR

On Tuesday I did an online webcast about the CLR. I hope the people who joined us enjoyed the event and found the contents interesting. The event was recorded and you can download it from the Microsoft Events website (Spanish). During the presentation I did a demo in which I was showing how we can […]