About driver assistance systems

I like driving, I really do. If you want to learn how to drive, the best you can do is to practice, practice and practice. I’ve been lucky enough to drive some motorbikes and all kind of cars from small utilitarian, SUVs, crossroad and sport cars like the Mercedes McLaren SLR, Porsche Cayman or Ferrari […]

Singleton Pattern

Yesterday I was viewing a video (Spanish) that explains about how to implement the Singleton pattern in .NET. After some implementations the video ends up showing the best way to have a thread safe implementation of the singleton pattern. The problem is the video ends saying that the next two implementations are exactly the same […]

The Importance of Being Earnest

I was commenting with friends some mistakes I found while reviewing the book Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping with C# 2008. Despite the error's importance, it would be better that they do not appear in the book, moreover when the book must pass a technical review before be printed. i.e. There is a paragraph that […]

The curse of copy paste

Today I want to write about the most powerful development tool of our days: the copy paste. Copy paste helps you to develop faster, increases a lot your productivity, you can develop business components, forms, entire applications; you can develop code even before you understand what it does … all just in minutes!! Your boss […]

Back to the University

Past week, I was speaking with a guy who just started his first year at Computer Science, he explained me the task he needs to do and I felt some nostalgia about those days when you should try to solve "impossible" algorithms, learning everyday new development techniques … mmm that doesn’t sound that different than […]