How to successfully run a technical community?

Years ago I discovered a world around technical communities, people like me who love technology, learn and share the knowledge they have and gain.  I approached different communities when I was living abroad, but it was when I came back to Spain when I got much more involved with all kind of technical communities. I […]

User Group Support Services

I have recently started to volunteer as UGSS Regional Lead for EMEA. For those who know UGSS and the RL, you will know that this is a position covered by Microsoft personnel, my case is a bit different because I agreed to volunteer during this FY to help out Sanjay Shetty who is the official […]

Post Event: Re-descubriendo LINQ

23rd, October I did a session about LINQ for the .NET User Group  Madriddotnet. Re Descubriendo A Linq View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: linq) During the event we tried to know more in deep how LINQ works, from C-Omega to LINQ to SQL, doing an attempt to solve many of the questions […]

Post Event: Descubriendo el CLR

On Tuesday I did an online webcast about the CLR. I hope the people who joined us enjoyed the event and found the contents interesting. The event was recorded and you can download it from the Microsoft Events website (Spanish). During the presentation I did a demo in which I was showing how we can […]

Culminis Changes

Around a week ago Culminis announced the next phase of the Culminis transformation has started. As you probably know Culminis has become a volunteer organization similar to Ineta. This change started long time ago, something that Graham Watson explained with a post describing the key changes about how Microsoft would support the User Groups from […]