Using 301 Redirects

Using 301 redirects are a useful way to indicate visitors and search crawlers that a page has been moved permanently to another location. This is especially important, for instance, when you move your site to another domain. Redirecting all the pages on the old domain to your new site will help Google or Bing crawlers […]

Community Server, RSS and MSDN-ES Forums

In the last TTT we had a session to discuss about several things regarding the .NET User Groups and one of the subjects was the MSDN forums. Microsoft told us that they were investing some efforts to improve the Spanish MSDN forums and immediately after that we talked about the local forums each .NUG has […]

Community Server Captcha Control

One of the problems we had in the past at Baleares on .NET was the amount of user registrations done by bots, to avoid it we managed to install a captcha control deployed by Dave Burke on the Join option of Community Server. This captha was created for Community Server 2.1, so after install the […]