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Presenting at large events such as TechEd

INETA APAC is organizing a series of best practices webcasts of interest to the community. The webcasts apply to all members of the community, leaders, user group members and MVP’s, who might not yet be at the stage where they speak at large events. The topic would be of interest to all, and would help more people to aspire to be speakers, and get an understanding of what is involved in being a good speaker.

Here are the details of the first webcast:

Best Practices Webcast: Presenting at large events such as TechEd

Session abstract: Presenting at large events such as TechEd involves a lot of preparation. Too many speakers leave far too much to chance. Doing a good job does not happen by accident. In this session, Greg will share experience and tips related to the process of getting selected, preparing content and delivering that content. Many of the tips can also be applied to improving the delivery of technical material in classroom or user group situations.

Presenter Bio: Greg Low is an internationally recognized consultant, developer and trainer. He is the country lead for Solid Quality, a SQL Server MVP and one of only three Microsoft Regional Directors for Australia. Greg also hosts the popular SQL Down Under podcast (, is a board member of PASS (the Professional Association for SQL Server) and an author with Microsoft Press and Rational Press. He regularly speaks at large events around the world.

INETA APAC invites you to select a convenient time of your choice for this webcast, fill the survey(takes less than 3 minutes) and we will notify you of the final survey results and the exact webcast timing.
Please note that Survey closing date is : May 4, 2009