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Post Event: Descubriendo el CLR

On Tuesday I did an online webcast about the CLR. I hope the people who joined us enjoyed the event and found the contents interesting.

The event was recorded and you can download it from the Microsoft Events website (Spanish).

During the presentation I did a demo in which I was showing how we can see with WinDBG when a method has been jitted or not. We saw it for the constructor but I stopped before show it for other methods to avoid wasting too much time on the same thing.

One of the attendees has asked me today why the method was shown as not jitted even after it was clearly executed. The problem was simply that I attached WinDGB to the release version of my demo application and the JIT optimized the method replacing it by an inlined version. If I had attached the debug version this would not happen and the method would be shown as jitted. If you want to have more information about it I widely explained in a previous post about Inline methods where I used the same demo application as in the webcast.