How to successfully run a technical community?

Years ago I discovered a world around technical communities, people like me who love technology, learn and share the knowledge they have and gain.  I approached different communities when I was living abroad, but it was when I came back to Spain when I got much more involved with all kind of technical communities. I […]

Why is everybody talking about apps?

  The last few years everyone seems to be talking about “apps”, if you are a runner there is an app to provide all kind of info for your running workouts, if you need to go anywhere there is an app with maps that will guide you via GPS, if you want to video conference […]

Common Reasons Managers Fail

I’ve been working 14 years in the IT industry, before that I’ve worked in all kind of temporary jobs while I was studying, summing up a total of 19 years working with and for managers from diverse industries and countries. The last 7 years of my career I’ve been a people manager myself. I’ve had […]

Innovation is all around Microsoft

Microsoft is an innovative company, that’s something we all know. It invests+$9 billion yearly on research and development and it would be impossible to list all the products, projects and activities related to it. Probably some of the most well known are: Microsoft Surface Microsoft Kinect Envisioning videos from Office Labs Microsoft Home of the […]

How to use the Geolocation API

Geolocation is a new standard that allow us to identify where a user is located by the use of scripts within the browser. This is particularly useful when we want to offer in our web app local information to the users. Some examples of it could be a web app that tells you where is […]