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Microsoft welcomes Skype

Microsoft officially welcomes Skype after we announced the acquisition in May 10, 2011. During this timeframe the US Department of Justice, European Commission and Australian ACCC have reviewed and cleared the purchase of Skype.

Beginning on 13th October Skype will operate as an independent business unit at Microsoft, this will allow to preserve the creativity that has been critical to Skype’s success since 2003 when it was founded, and places Tony Bates reporting directly to Steve Ballmer as the president of the Skype division at Microsoft.

It’s still soon for Microsoft to make any announcement on how Skype will be used to improve and extend current products, but we can imagine many ways on how Skype will support Microsoft devices like the Xbox, Kinect, Windows Phone, etc. and how it will enhance services like Microsoft Lync, Outlook, Windows Live, Hotmail and so on.

Skype it’s a leader and synonym of video and audio chat in many countries, indeed it has 170 million connected users and over 207 billion minutes of voice and video conversations in 2010. Which is the equivalent of a single conversation lasting approximately for 393835 years or what is more important lot of time enjoying a conversation with your friends and family.

The acquisition includes also Qik, a platform to capture and share video shots using your mobile phone and GroupMe, the app that was described by Gizmodo as “Lifechanger…utterly indispensable…Whether or not you think you need group texting in your life, you won’t know how you lived without it once you give it a shot.”

Last, but not least important. It’s worthy to note that the Skype advertising inventory will be sold by Microsoft Advertising sales force –with exclusive rights- in the US starting 24th October, and will have the rights to do it in other markets once existing Skype relationships expire in other markets.

So, Welcome Skype! I hope to see our new colleagues in the corporate network soon.