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Install Windows 7 from USB

Nowadays we can see how CDs and DVDs become more irrelevant in Laptops and Netbooks, lot of them do not incorporate the units to be lighter.

To be honest I like the idea, I can’t remember when was the last time I burned a DVD. The problem with it is that sometimes makes it harder to install software on the PC and install an OS is not an exception.

To solve that you have the option to install Windows 7 from a USB pendrive that can be prepared following some basic steps.

  • Plug a USB pendrive (a 4GB USB is enough)
  • Launch the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  • Execute the utility DiskPart
  • Run the command “list disk” to identify which disks corresponds to the USB drive
  • Run the command “select disk NUMBER“. Replace “NUMBER” by the number associated to the USB drive we obtained in the previous step.
  • Run the command “clean“. The command is quite clear, so be careful because it deletes all the data contained in the disk selected.
  • The next step is to create and activate the partition using the commands “create partion primary” and then “activate“.
  • Now we need to format the new partition, to do it we run “format fs=fat32 quick“.
  • In order we can access the USB drive we need to assign a letter to it, this is done by running the command “assign
  • The last step is to copy all the contents of the Windows 7 installation DVD to the USB key.

That’s it, now you can install Windows 7 from the USB key directly in any PC without having to carry the DVD with you.

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