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INETA Europe newsletter

Past week I received an e-mail from INETA with the newsletter of July 2008. I must confess I opened the e-mail thinking how pity was that INETA Europe didn’t have its own newsletter, but after open it I was positively surprised to see it was not the US newsletter, instead I received the European one.

I’m very glad to see how the Ineta board has decided to start again sending update information on the activities performed, the last newsletter we could see in the website was from September 2006.

I think the newsletters and any kind of direct communication between INETA and it’s members is a good way not only to inform the user groups about the activities done, but also to keep the interest of the community in INETA itself. At the end, the INETA work is as important as letting know the NUGs the results of the work in order they can feel there is something in motion. 

The July 2008 publication brings lot of information, you can read the complete newsletter navigating to the link. But I would like to stand up two points:

  • Ineta is looking for volunteers. There are different positions to be covered, if you feel like just send an email to the volunteer coordinator Tomislav Bronzin (   
  • Ineta Europe gets social. Ineta has just started a new social initiative to share and communicate with the Ineta community:


We all know the community requirements change as the community evolves, therefore it’s necessary INETA can evolve together. It’s great to see how step by step this is the case.