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How to measure twitter reach

Today we are going to talk about how to measure twitter reach from one of my most used applications: Microsoft Excel.

The tool you have to download to do it is Analytics for Twitter and allows to query Twitter directly from Excel thanks to the free PowerPivot Add-in that needs to be installed too in order it works.

The installation of Analytics for twitter will place an Excel file in your desktop, once you open you will see that the usage is very simple, we only need to introduce our search queries separated by commas in the Excel sheet called “Topics”. The queries can be free text, hashtags or twitter alias, once we press the search button it will contact with the twitter api to extract all the info and present it to us properly formatted.

Once the search is completed we need to do two extra steps to see the information retrieved. First one is go to the PowerPivot menu and click “Update All”, when it finishes go to the menu “Data” and click “Refresh All”.

After this we can start analyzing the results of our search, which is divided in three Excel sheets:

  • Topics: Contains the main dashboard where we can see stats related to the amount of tweets, how they are published by hours, overview of the tweets’ tone.
  • People: Provides information about the users that have been tweeting about the topic we have searched and who are the most positive/negative twitters.
  • Tone: Displays detailed information about the tone of the tweets based on a dictionary we can configure to adjust it to our language or preferences.

The best of all is that you will be able to apply several filters to the information extracted, which will allow you to fine investigate the reach of the topic you have introduced.

Below you have the resulting reports based on a query where I looked for the hashtag #IE9. As you can see the reports are very attractive visually.

Analytics for Twitter - Topics


Analytics for Twitter - People


Analytics for Twitter - Tone



As you can see create reports to measure the twitter reach is very simple with Analytics for Twitter, so just download and play with it.The file contains also all the information of the features and limitations the tool has today.