How to successfully run a technical community?

Years ago I discovered a world around technical communities, people like me who love technology, learn and share the knowledge they have and gain.  I approached different communities when I was living abroad, but it was when I came back to Spain when I got much more involved with all kind of technical communities. I […]

How to use the Geolocation API

Geolocation is a new standard that allow us to identify where a user is located by the use of scripts within the browser. This is particularly useful when we want to offer in our web app local information to the users. Some examples of it could be a web app that tells you where is […]

Internet Explorer and Web Standards

Many times I see people complaining about Internet Explorer 9 not rendering properly a “standard” web page, after digging into what the problem can be it normally resumes into two options: The web page is not using the document mode “IE9 standards”. The web page is using conditional comments making use of browser detection instead […]

Using 301 Redirects

Using 301 redirects are a useful way to indicate visitors and search crawlers that a page has been moved permanently to another location. This is especially important, for instance, when you move your site to another domain. Redirecting all the pages on the old domain to your new site will help Google or Bing crawlers […]

TF Command Tips

When you work with TFS there are certain situations that will happen first or later like somebody going on holidays without doing checkin, a project that was created wrong, etc. those situations require you might need delete a project, delete a workspace, undo other changes…most of them can be accomplished using TF.exe. That’s the reason […]