.NET Conference 2016 Spain

  The past 24th of February my team and I organized  the .NET Conference 2016 Spain. With 1.700 attendees in-person and more than 5.400 on live streaming it is the largest event organized by Microsoft Spain and one of the largest .NET Conference in the world. So, as you can imagine we are very proud […]

About driver assistance systems

I like driving, I really do. If you want to learn how to drive, the best you can do is to practice, practice and practice. I’ve been lucky enough to drive some motorbikes and all kind of cars from small utilitarian, SUVs, crossroad and sport cars like the Mercedes McLaren SLR, Porsche Cayman or Ferrari […]

Unfollow inactive twitter users using c#

As part of my efforts for continuous learning I always try to read code from others. Today I have found on Codeplex a pretty cool library that helps you with the Twitter API called Tweetinvi, which the author defines as “an intuitive C# SDK for Twitter API”. Tweetinvi provides access to the Twitter REST API […]

Configure your custom domain in Azure WebSites

Azure WebSites is probably one of the easiest ways to start deploying your solutions to the cloud. It allows you to create, deploy and scale any kind of website, whether it is created from one of the available templates (WordPress, Umbraco, Ghost…) or built from scratch using your favorite programming language (.NET, Python, Node.js, Java […]

.NET Gadgeteer Series: Setting up the work environment and hello world

This is the first article about .NET Gadgeter and .NET MicroFramework. Here we will see how to set up the work environment and how to code a “hello world”. For those who do not know .NET MicroFramework, it is an open source project with Apache 2.0 license that allow us developing for embedded devices using […]