My name is Jose Bonnin and I work at Microsoft as Technical Evangelist Manager, our team’s mission is to ignite passion for technology.

Before joining Microsoft I was CTO at Payvision, an international payment solutions provider that specializes in multi-currency processing for card-not-present electronic transactions. I’m from Palma de Mallorca, a lovely island in the Mediterranean Sea, but my current location for the last years has been Madrid (Spain). Due to my job, I lived also in The Netherlands and Italy.

I worked as a software developer at different companies since the end of 1998. Somewhere in 2001 I discovered the beta 2 of .NET Framework and from that moment I’ve been working with this amazing technology getting more and more involved with it.

I really like technology, for this reason and because there is a geek inside me I tried to contribute to the .NET community during several ways, I was Ineta Country Leader and Culminis Country Lead Volunteer for Spain. In addition I also coordinated the .NET User Group called Baleares on .NET.

Now I contribute to all kind of Developer and IT communities through my position at Microsoft.

Mad about .NET is a place where I share my experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Remember that all the opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. You can find Microsoft point of view in other oficial blogs like the Microsoft Blog

I tweet more often than I write posts as @wasat