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Use Skydrive from Windows Explorer

For those who do not know SkyDrive yet, it is a free online storage that offers 25 GB and has been around since beginning of 2008, it’s interface has been completely rebuilt this week to make use of HTML5.

SkyDrive provides other additional features like:

– The possibility to create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files without having Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

– A versioning management system that allows you to rollback to earlier versions of your documents.

– Create photo slide shows, so you can view your photos online without having to download to another PC.

– Share documents online with different levels of permissions.

In addition, if you have a Windows Phone 7 you might benefit also of SkyDrive. Since you can upload automatically from your Windows Phone 7 the pictures taken and access/upload your Office documents.

After the brief introduction to SkyDrive, I would like to explain how to use SkyDrive from Windows Explorer instead of having to use the web interface. To do it we will map a network folder in Windows Explorer to SkyDrive.

– First of all you need to create or access your SkyDrive account on

– Click on any of the folders available under the section Documents. This will allow you to see your unique id in the URL, which now should have the format of or

– The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx above contains your unique id, let’s say that is, just copy the id and open Windows Explorer.

– Select the option “Map network drive” and in the textbox belonging to “Folder” type \\\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\^2Documents replacing the fake id by your unique id and “Documents” by the name of the SkyDrive folder you want to map.

Yu will be prompted to introduce your Live Id credentials and after this you will have access to SkyDrive from Windows Explorer as with any other folder.