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2007 Blog Summary

I initiated this blog one year ago with the intention to write basically about .NET. I started very enthusiastic and having clear that I didn’t want to write just about which products come out or what other blogger said before. But reviewing the posts of this past year I’ve figured out that I’ve not been as prolific as I would like and that some of my posts really suck. I mean, I already knew it but when you see the numbers is when you face the truth (I only reached an average of 3 posts per month). I guess that sometimes one does not have time enough and/or just does not find the right inspiration, in any case below you can see my top 10 list of posts based on the web visits received. Obviously the "post competition" is not fair, since the oldest is the post the more possibilities has to be visited, but doesn’t really matter.

By the way, I don’t understand why the number one received this amazing amount of web visits, who knows what people expected to find when searching how to hook a keyboard and mouse ;)

Position Post Web Visits Agg Visits
1 Hook Keyboard and Mouse 8263 341
2 C# 3.0 – Object and Collection Initializers 1954 208
3 Artificial Intelligence, bot and Live Messenger Add-In 1737 444
4 C# 3.0 – Lambda Expressions 1700 395
5 Google Safe Browsing API with Internet Explorer 1164 330
6 C# 3.0 – Automatic Properties 1114 378
7 C# 3.0 – Extension Methods 915 385
8 Building ActiveX with .NET 886 491
9 Community Server 2007 – Captcha Control 788 555
10 C# 3.0 – Implicitly typed local variables 688 379

Let’s see what comes out in 2008.