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.NET Conference 2016 Spain



The past 24th of February my team and I organized  the .NET Conference 2016 Spain.

With 1.700 attendees in-person and more than 5.400 on live streaming it is the largest event organized by Microsoft Spain and one of the largest .NET Conference in the world. So, as you can imagine we are very proud of the work accomplished.

An event of this size takes a lot of coordination efforts: building the website, communication, location, media, security, streaming and recording of sessions, call for papers, selection of the content and speakers, working with sponsors…and the most important providing value to the attendees, which is the ultimate goal.

Our intention with the .NET Conference is to create an event that inspires developers on what can be accomplished today with .NET and the overall Microsoft platform.

During the event I had the opportunity to share my vision on how the future looks like in our industry and why I think .NET is one of the best development stacks to build it.

This year we also had the honor to count with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who explained us the bold ambitions of Microsoft and why there isn’t a better time to be a .NET developer.

jose bonnin and satya nadella

If you want to know a bit more about the event, you can see on-demand some of the sessions and check the event by its numbers:

  • 8,8 over 10 NSAT for the overall event
  • +40 hours of deep technical content
  • 1.700 in-person attendees. Increased in 600 the previous edition
  • For 427 of those 1.700 developers it was their first Microsoft event ever.
  • +5.400 attendees on the live stream viewing it from Spain, UK, Mexico, Colombia, France, Peru, Argentina, Switzerland, Netherlands and US
  • The hashtag #dotnetspain2016 became Trending topic in Spain and US

In addition to all that, there is something that made me feel extremely proud, from the top 5 speakers of the event, two of them were just a few years ago part of the Microsoft Student Partner program, a program my team manages to identify and train young talent at Universities and Vocational Schools and interns in my team. It is very rewarding to see them converted into highly qualified professionals.

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